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Who We Are


We provide comprehensive solutions and support to our clients and partners in order to secure home financing with expediency, excellence, and great customer care. We believe integrity and consistency result in long-term relationships and trust.

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Our Core Values


Growth.Gratitude.Innovative Solutions.Relationships.Integrity

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Our Process to Buying a Home

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you have purchased a home in the past, understanding today’s market is critical in determining your overall experience. Time-lines have changed and it is important that you understand your role in the home loan process. We are a team and need to work together to achieve your dream of homeownership.

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  1. Initial Loan Interview
    1. Application
    2. Items Needed List
    3. SNAP* Buyer Approval or Pre-Approval
  2. Find Your Dream Home
    1. Consult with your lender to confirm payment and approval
    2. Negotiate an offer with the seller
    3. Finalize purchase contract and the close of escrow date
    4. Choose loan program and interest rate
  3. Loan Process
    1. Sign e-consent
    2. Receive loan estimate and disclosures to be signed
    3. Provide credit card for appraisal deposit
    4. Appraisal is ordered
    5. File submitted to underwriting
    6. Receive conditional approval and remaining conditions needed
    7. Provide final conditions requested within 24 hours
    8. Receive final underwriting approval and clear quality control
    9. Lender will issue the closing disclosure
  4. Meet with Escrow and Sign Loan Documents three days after closing disclosure is signed
    Obtain funds for closing: Lender to provide detailed instructions.
  5. Funding
    1. Lender will review funding package and clear any remaining conditions.
    2. Loan funds and records
    3. Get keys and celebrate as new homeowners!

*A Snap Buyer Approval is based on a preliminary review of your loan application, credit report, income, assets, and automated underwriting decision. It is not a commitment to lend. We can offer a loan commitment upon verification of all applicable information, satisfaction of underwriting requirements, an acceptable property appraisal and title report.

*A Pre-Approval is an underwriting commitment that is subject to applicable conditions, an acceptable appraisal and a title report.